ABC Love

When you listen to ABC Love for the first time, the only question that comes to mind is “Who are you?” This almost decadent warned sound asks more than just hearing from the listener to enjoy the whole game of seduction proposed by the band of love.

Idealized by the mysterious Gevard - an old man who lurks on the streets searching for new emotions - the group has just released three singles and will launch their first album, ‘’ABC Love e o Álbum do Prazer’’ (ABC Love and the Album of Pleasure) this September.

The sound of the band creates sensations like a shallow haze taking over the room, taking the listener to a reddish light room, filled with smoke, whispers and echoes. This is ABC Love’s universe: vulgar and elegant, warm and somber. Here, the opposites have an airtight equilibrium that is only possible when there is no guilt involved, says Gevard. According to him, the Album of Pleasure is a balance between love and sex. All desire must be filled. The deepest pleasure must surface, otherwise we will be forever chained to it he adds. With references ranging from Serge Gainsbourg to Ariel Pink and Daft Punk, from brazilian Pornochanchada to Janis Addiction’s shows, ABC Love and the Album of Pleasure is an unique and essential band for those who are seeking for freshness in music.

On this provocative note, the character Gevard creates his own world by questioning traditional standards and being, on tracks like Modéle and Quem é Você? (Model, and Who are You). On songs like "Noite Quente”(Hot Night) and “Carne Viva”(Live Flesh) he sets up trash porn scripts with retro-styled music videos, but also brings elegant scenes for tracks like La Petite Étoile (The Little Star) and Caminhos do Prazer”(Paths of Pleasure).

Drums, strings and keys make a mixture of love and sex. Moments of pressure and conquest, others of mystery and subtleties, will require your audience to face the taboos without fear to fully enjoy a record that is deliciously weird. And by the end, the only question that will remain is: who are you?

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