FpodBpod’s debut album is a refreshing balance of fun pop with psychedelic garage rock songs, and as well as slower melodic tracks. Lead singer-songwriter Sean Olmstead is a superb multi-instrumentalist, and Beatles fans will get a kick out of his quirky sensibility (á la Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club) and melodic voice. A California native, Olmstead is also known for his contributions to Indianna Hale the beloved Bay Area band The Blank Tapes.

From the soothing, dream-like title track “Girls”, to the catchy chorus based “If I Forget To”—this album captures a versatile and fascinating artist at the start of a sure to be promising career. Some songs may put you in a hypnotized daze, but others snap you right back out of it and get you tapping your feet and considering the lyrics. On the downbeat “A Friend”, Olmstead sings of accepting the death of a close friend, and on the rollicking “If I Forget To”, he explains to a former love that he only neglects them because: “it’s just that I can’t stand to think about the love we knew”. He has some fun on songs such as “Mama Fell Asleep” and “Hey, Nate” which show his jam band and garage rock singing style, respectively. Add on two instrumental songs and a fast-paced cover of the Kraftwerk song “Neon Lights” and you are in for a view of an inspired creative mind.

These songs are certainly dance-ready, and it is always a joy to see which Bay Area musicians come together to lend a hand when a musician played most of the instruments themselves during recording.

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